Speech of Principal

Speech of Principal

Students go to educational institution in order to receive formal education which prepares them for the future. It is education that develops the social and moral values of learners and make them more sensible, tolerant, modest, helpful and empathic. Quality education is a must for attaining these qualities. So, Faridpur Zila Proshashon School and College (FDASC) is committed to ensure quality education of the students. Our world is changing rapidly. To adapt our students with the changes and face the fourth industrial revolution (artificial intelligence, robotics, web3, blockchain, 3D printing, Genetic Engineering etc) we are preparing students accordingly so that they can become global and smart citizen and compete with the learners of the developed world. Learning and teaching process must go simultaneously through fun and entertainment. If learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective. So, we teach our learners through edutainment (education +entertainment) and infotainment (information +entertainment) in order to provide them a joyful learning environment. Discipline is a vital element for an educational institution. Without proper discipline an institution can not produce smart citizens. FDASC always emphasizes on the overall discipline of the teachers , staffs and students. Co-curricular activities make students more dynamic and versatile that enhance their latent talent and potentiality through which they can enrich their career. FDASC provides ample opportunities to the students for participating in co-curricular activities.

Above all, the main objectives of FDASC is to make good human being and produce world class citizens so that they can be the future leaders of the world and glorify our society.

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