Speech of Chairman

Speech of Chairman

Society moves forward from the evolution of time. Civilization changes, talent is exposed in the spirit of development. But development of talent is not limited to traditional bibliography or mechanism. Favourable environment is required for proper manifestation and blooming of talent. In the society different unhealthy competitions have started centering on education, which is a threat to both the present society and the civilization. Faridpur Zila Proshason School and College (Both English and Bangla Version) has been set up with the tireless efforts of the District Administration, Faridpur to remove all these inconsistencies and unhealthy competition from the society and to implement quality education. This is an exceptional initiative of the District Administration, Faridpur. The changes that the institution have brought in such a short period of time is inconceivable. I’m hopeful that very soon, the institution will be an institute of International Standard. The students of this school will transcend the Himalayas in intellect, thinking, discipline-culture, sense of moderation, education-initiation and wisdom. The teachers are highly committed to imparting various educational experiences through modern techniques, skills and methods so that the students can prepare themselves to face future challenges. The students of this institution are blessed with the opportunity to lead and embark in a variety of inspirational spiritual activities. To cross this path smoothly the enthusiastic students, teachers and Senior Officials of the Administration are working tirelessly. A visionary and zestful Deputy Commissioner of Faridpur and the Founding President of this institution Mr. Atul Sarker sir had kept a great contribution for the unprecedented development of this dream which is indisputable. Being inclusive and thinking of the people, or Bangladeshi citizens, is what Smart Bangladesh is all about. It is about closing the digital divide by developing and scaling sustainable digital solutions that all people including students of all arena, regardless of their socioeconomic background and all businesses, regardless of their size can take advantage of. It is built on the four pillars of smart citizens, smart government, smart economy and smart society. Smart Bangladesh is the next significant step in achieving The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu's vision of Sonar Bangla, a Golden Bangladesh, by building on the launch pad established by Digital Bangladesh. I am soliciting all the students of FDASC to go along with the vision of smart Bangladesh. Above all, I would like to say that the warrior not only becomes silent by fighting the necessary combats, but also reveals the superior consciousness that he has in this universe with the help of his intelligence. I hope that this Institution (FDASC) will achieve its exact object and its contribution will be remarkable to build an educated nation.

Md. Quamrul Ahsan Talukder PAA
Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate Faridpur
Chairman Faridpur Zila Proshason School and College, Faridpur.

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